About The Soccer Tavern

Proud to serve Brooklyn for over 75 years

Our History

Soccer Tavern is an Irish pub tucked away in the heart of Brooklyn’s Chinatown, and has been in operation since the prohibition era in 1929. The former speakeasy is located on 8th Avenue, which was once packed with Norwegian and Scandinavian businesses, donning the nickname “Lapskaus Boulevard.” Due to a wave of immigration in the 1980s and 90s, the neighborhood is now primarily Chinese, providing a melting pot Scandinavian, Irish, and Asian culture. Underneath and next to day spas, eye doctors, and insurance companies, sits the family-run Soccer Tavern. The old school bar encompasses the true spirit of Sunset Park, and has become a neighborhood staple for old-timers and newcomers alike.

Owner and Manager Brendan Farley has been friendly face in the neighborhood since 1986, when he immigrated from Ireland. “I want everyone to feel welcome in The Soccer Tavern,” he shared, “It’s truly a place where everyone is welcome to come and have a good time.”

The bar itself is in its original form, with little changes to the decor besides the dart tournament trophies lined up against the back wall. The linoleum floors and wood paneling invoke a sense of nostalgia, when most bars in Brooklyn were a casual place to unwind with friends after a long day.

Despite the “dive bar” atmosphere, Soccer Tavern is a reliable sports bar, with four televisions airing a variety of games throughout the day. Though the bar’s name implies otherwise, all sports are aired; patrons enjoy watching football games and golf tournaments alike.